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Page Count:   Based on your navigation above, how many pages do you estimate your site will require initially?  Keep in mind, you can always add more pages as your site grows.  Please take all content into consideration.

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I want a shopping cart to accept orders securely, and will process payments manually with my existing merchant account or invoice customers once order is received.
I want a merchant account and shopping cart that processes payments on-line.

Provide one or more website addresses that have a similar style structure of your own vision. Note that this is the most important question we ask, so please put some thought into it!  The more we know about your vision from the beginning, the faster you become a satisfied customer!

I like the LAYOUT arrangement, navigation and functionality of these sites:
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  WebWorksPro.Net does not design websites hosted by others.  Our flat-rate design costs are only available with a WebWorksPro.Net hosting account.

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This request does not require hosting services (i.e. floor plan illustration, Ecard)

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What we do provide under your account:

  • Online presence monitored and server support available 24/7
  • Assurance that your website is accessible and email pop accounts are working properly 24/7
  • Support for any software installed on your website by WebWorksPro.Net
  • Questions answered about setting up pop email accounts on Microsoft Outlook via our help desk
  • Administrative updates (if applicable) for existing text content and/or graphics. Requests are responded to promptly and completed within 5 business days, depending on the complexity of the request.  So that we may service your account efficiently, we ask that you submit all requests in writing via our help desk.
  • Recurring search engine submissions (if applicable)

What we don't provide:

  • Copywriting/editing services
  • On-site photography shoots
  • Phone/On-site support for any software installed on office PCs including Microsoft Outlook
  • Phone/On-site support for your Internet Service Provider (i.e. AOL, ATT, Earthlink, etc.)
  • Phone/On-site support for the connection from your office to the internet

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