How to Obtain Email Header Information < Back

Emails sent by spammers and/or viruses will likely have a falsified sender address, appearing to have been sent by someone you know. Providing us with email header information allows us to find the "TRUE" sender of the spam. Below are instructions on how to access email headers in Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Right-click on the email in your inbox list
  2. Select OPTIONS
  3. A dialog box will appear, with a text window containing important email header information labeled "Internet headers". This will often reveal the "REAL" domain or IP address of the spammer's server. This area is indicated in red on the image below.
  4. Right-click directly on top of this text. From the menu which appears, select SELECT ALL. This will cause all text to be highlighted in BLUE.
  5. Right-click directly on top of the highlighted (blue) text and select COPY.
  6. The email header information is now on your computers clipboard. You can now Right-click any where (in a help desk ticket, or email) and select PASTE to send this information to anyone who may need it.