Use GMAIL to send and receive email with your domain name mail account  < Back

1)  Create a forwarder in your control panel

Create a forwarder (or send us a request to create a forwarder) sending a copy of all email to your current, active GMAIL account.  This will send a copy of all email to your GMAIL account, and you'll be able to use all of GMAILs features you're probably already familiar with.

2)  Set up your GMAIL account to "Send Mail As" your domain name mail account.

To use your GMAIL and have all mail that you SEND appear to be sent from your,

Go into Settings. From the horizontal menu in blue across the top, click on ACCOUNTS. Under SEND MAIL AS, Click on "Add another email address you own".

Use the box which appears to enter your "FROM" settings. Put a check in the box that says "Treat as an alias".

On the next screen, select SEND THROUGH GMAIL

The next screen will ask verification. Leave the current window open, and go fetch the code sent to and enter it to verify you own your domain email address.

The box will close after you enter your code.  The next time you COMPOSE a new email, you will see a new drop down box, allowing you to select which identity you want to use to send the mail.  For example, you may wish to send personal email using your GMAIL account, and business mail with your domain name mail account.

Happy Corresponding!

You can now SEND and RECEIVE email using your GMAIL account, and the recipient only sees your domain name email address.  (The GMAIL address is 'hidden".)