Create POP email accounts in your Control Panel.  < Back
(Time:  less than 1 minute)

You can configure a "private" pop email account for one or many users who will be receiving and sending email from your website. Once an email address is configured as a pop mail account, it operates privately and independently from your local ISP (Internet Service Provider).  

Each private pop mail account has it's own separate username and password which you have assign it.  Pop3 accounts are useful if there are a number of people (for example employees) who would each need a private email account.  Important:  Do not provide employees the login for your Control Panel. 


  1. Login to your control panel with your username and password.  (Your user name and password was sent to you upon website launch)
  2. Select the "Mail" icon.
  3. Select "Add/Remove Accounts"
  4. Enter an email name (Just enter a name for the first portion of the email (the part is added automatically)
  5. Enter a unique password for this pop account (each individual POP account must have it's own password).
  6. Select "Create"

That's it, you're done!   Your website is now setup to receive email with your new email address.

What's next?  Learn how to send and receive your email with your computer.  Please go Back and review the Outlook and Webmail Tutorials.