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Email Forwarding:

Email forwarding is a feature, which forwards an email that originated from your domain, to another email address. The forwarding address can be another email address within 'your domain', or to an 'external email' address, (for example to your home ISP email account).

Please note that we do not recommend using a forwarder which points to any America Online (AOL) email address for the following reason:  Should you report any spam in your AOL inbox which was originally sent to your website domain forwarding address, AOL will likely falsely accuse your own website as the guilty spamming party.  This may result in your website being blacklisted by America Online servers, which can greatly decrease functionality and communication with a large amount of AOL users.

How to setup a mail forward:

1) Login to C-Panel and click on the Mail icon

2) Select "Forwarders"

3) Enter the desired name in the first part of the forwarding email address (this can be anything you like) (i.e. billing@mydomain.com)

4)  Enter any valid email address you would like the forwarding email address to send a copy to.  This can be an existing pop account in your control panel, or your home ISP email address (i.e. mypersonal@comcast.net). 

5) Select "Add Forward".  Note:  Forwarding email addresses operate independently of any existing pop accounts.

All messages will now be forwarded to the forwarding address, and with a copy sent to you.

Need to Forward to more than one person?

Simply repeat the above process using the same address you've setup as the forward, and enter the additional recipients you would like to send a copy of the message to. You can delete forwards when you no longer require them.

Testing your forward.

If you want to test your new mail forward, it's recommended that the email account you're testing from "is not" one of the accounts you're using in conjunction with the forwarder you've just setup. For example, if you've configured harry@yourdomain.com to forward copies to bob@hotmail.com and mary@yourdomain.com, then send a test message from an email address, other than one of the addresses you've just setup, otherwise it can somewhat confusing in figuring out which message was coming from the actual forward, and which was the original sent from you.