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Your control panel is a fully featured web-based program that allows you to easily setup email pop accounts, email forwarders and view your statistics right through your browser!  The screen shot below demonstrates many features may appear confusing at first, but have no fear!  We only encourage you to familiarize yourself with the 2 icons highlighted in the blue squares below.  Tutorials regarding setting up email accounts and viewing your statistics are available in the support area.

Please note it is not necessary to enter your control panel at all unless desired.  If you have an administrative account (standard business level or above), you can open a help desk ticket with your request.

How to login to your website
control panel:

Type the link below in your browser but replace "mydomain.com" with your website domain name: 


Or click on the link in the Account Information email which was sent to you upon site launch.

Your browser will then display a login box for you.  Type in the username and password sent with your Account Information.  If you have misplaced this information, please open a help desk ticket.  (Please identify yourself very thoroughly---for security purposes, we may request further identification)