February 14, 2015 - Increase Capacity; Install Backup Drive

Upgrade Completed Successfully

April 6, 2014 - Network Switch Replacement

Our network experienced technical difficulties tonight due to a switch failure.  While the servers were running without issue, the failed hardware temporarily blocked access at our network operations center.   Our technical team resolved the problem immediately and the faulty hardware has been replaced.  As such, the issue should not be expected again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please click here or email with any questions. 

Thank you,
Heather McCallum

8/15/2013 System Maintenance Announcements:

Our migration to Cloud Technology was a success!  Your cloud-hosted website is now operating on multiple connected servers.   Resources such as memory, processing, network bandwidth, storage and email services are pooled together for a scalable and secure environment. You will enjoy the advantages of having a stable, measurable and secure physical infrastructure, ensuring a high level of availability and flexibility.

Id like to express my profound gratitude to all our customers. We are so thankful for your straightforward feedback and the confidence you have shown in us over the years.

Making a Work Request

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About our help desk:

As your single source for design, illustration, programming and maintenance, our method of communication should be fully featured and flexible enough to support a variety of creative discussion formats.  We've customized a user-friendly environment where creative development and ideas can be expressed through image display, file attachments, and active links.  Our help desk has been thoroughly tested and much of the functionality was based on direct client feedback, along with some of our own features.  Through this interface we're able to visually present our ideas and keep within an organized discussion format.

WebWorksPro.Net has provided professional, high-quality work comparable to that of traditional advertising and design firms for a fraction of the cost since 1998.  Our affordable rates are made possible by operating entirely online.  Our process is streamlined, eliminating expenses such as travel, conferencing, and formal presentations.   Long term success clearly demonstrates how we continue to exceed the expectations of our clients.

How to sign up for a help desk account:
1) Request a login via email.  We will reply with your username and password.  Click here to login.
2) Once logged in, click to request free updates to existing pages, request new work, or ask us a question.

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One help desk account can be used for multiple websites if desired.
One help desk account can be shared by one or more employees if desired.
We recommend bookmarking your help desk account login page and the emergency pager form (see below)

Large ISP companies provide technical support to their customers through the use of a help desk.   Such an organized support method can quickly categorize and direct your inquiry to the appropriate person from a large support staff.  As a small business hosting only those websites we develop, we've also found the use of a help desk to be very helpful.   Click here to learn more about our servers.

Free Monthly Revisions
Due to excessive spam and other malicious activity, many ISPs have tightened security by filtering email heavily. As a result, support by email alone can be unreliable. We recommend that support communication take place though a help desk ticket.  Although you will receive notifications upon each response from us, email is not required to talk with us on the help desk. This allows for back-and-forth dialogue viewed through your internet browser.  All you need is an internet connection.  Just refresh your help desk ticket browser window periodically to check for a response.

Alternatively, click here or email to send us your work request.

Help desk tickets may be opened for general inquiries and billing questions as well as hosting support and administrative maintenance. If your request includes web page updates, and exceeds the allotted free page revisions above your current service account level, the following charges may be invoiced to your account.  Some costs may vary depending on the complexity of the request.

$25 - Revise/replace text content per page*
$35 - Revise or replace text to one page, plus format/add/replace one graphic image or photo*

*One Page = Approx one-two Display Screens.  One link may constitute an infinite number of pages/screens.
Emergency Pager
Emergency Support is available after regular business hours, weekends and holidays.  If your website or mail server is not accessible, please use the emergency pager form to page someone to your help desk ticket.

If you do not have a help desk account, please include an alternate email address or phone number so we are able to discuss the issue with you.  Please be as detailed as you can on your ticket or on the pager form.  Include specific errors if available.

If your ticket will contain sensitive information, click here to login to the help desk securely, using SSL.

If you are able to receive email, but are not receiving notifications from the help desk via your email, your spam filter may be mistakenly tagging legitimate email. Please be sure that your SPAM filtering software is configured to accept email from inspiration - at -

America Online users Click here to read how to authorize email from the official AOL website.


Tutorial Links

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1)  Create a website POP email account in your control panel (1 minute)
1)  How to setup Microsoft Outlook Express for sending and receiving email with the new website POP email account you created in your control panel. (2-10 minutes)
2)  How to setup Microsoft Outlook 2003 for sending and receiving email with the new website POP email account you created in your control panel. (2-10 minutes)
3)  Not interested in using Outlook?  Use Webmail through your internet browser ...  It's easy! (Less than 1 minute)
4)  Avoid storing email messages on the server.  This can result to bounced error messages.  Here is how to be sure you are not configuring Outlook to store messages on the server.
5) If your ISP does not allow you to send out mail with any other mail server except for their own
Setting up Email Forwarders
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How to import a CSV file into Microsoft Excel  (If we installed a database for you)
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How to copy and paste text between programs on your computer
How to Obtain Email Header Information from Microsoft Outlook

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Please note that WebWorksPro.Net, Inc. is not responsible for website functionality errors which may occur when configuring various advanced features in the control panel.  Corrections for such errors may incur additional support fees, depending on the complexity.

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