If your email address suddenly doesn't work in Outlook < Back

Often, various configuration changes on your PC (made by the user or automatically by software) can affect your pop account settings in Outlook. When this happens you may receive strange errors upon popping your email account. To determine what the error relates to, please access your account using your browser instead of Outlook. It's easy to use webmail with your browser, and many use it when traveling or don't have access to a computer. The following link includes instructions for using webmail: http://www.webworkspro.net/tutorials/pop_webmail.htm.

If you *can* access your email with the webmail feature, then there are no emergencies needed to report concerning your pop account on the server. We recommend resetting your Outlook configuration. A new tutorial has been created with easy to read screen graphics located here: http://www.webworkspro.net/tutorials/pop_outlook.htm. If you are *unable* to access your email using webmail, you may have exceeded your storage space on the server. In this case, open a ticket on our help desk and we'll help you out!

If you are *unable* to access your website or your email, a help desk ticket number describing the issue is required for immediate response:

  • Click on this link: help desk  (Bookmark for your convenience)
  • Fill out and describe your emergency thoroughly. Selecting your domain name in the drop down field is required.
  • Press submit. You'll receive a notification via email each time someone posts a response to your ticket.

Now that you have a ticket number use our emergency pager form and provide the ticket number.  Please note that this pager form is for emergency use only.  If you are unable to reach our website, or anywhere on the internet, contact your internet service provider (i.e., Earthlink, AOL, Road Runner, etc.)